Hello friends and neighbors, welcome to Willful Positivity, a podcast that will open your heart, soothe your soul, and change the way you see the world.

There’s so much going on around us every day, and if you’re like me, it’s getting harder and harder to be optimistic and to stay positive and motivated.

We think that’s completely unacceptable! So we created, Willful Positivity, to re-infuse joy, laughter and, unadulterated optimism into your life.

Our goal is to share inspiring stories, critical concepts, and practical tools to help you navigate the world with a positive mindset and an unclouded perspective.

Join us every week to celebrate the triumphs, slay the trials, and embrace the hope that lives within your soul. You deserve to be happy. So come and let’s find that happy place together.

Now, from the shores of West Africa to the Rocky Mountains of North America, here’s your host, motivational speaker, author, and creator of Willful Positivity, Alma Ohene-Opare.

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